New boat joins Cyprus navy, ceremony in Larnaca

THE CYPRUS navy has been boosted by the addition of a new vessel to its fleet.

The vessel was presented to Cyprus as a gift from the Sultanate of Oman. It was  part of the Royal Omani Navy fleet, but was de-commissioned and refitted for use in the waters off Cyprus.

A ceremony was held in Larnaca port Tuesday, where the boat was renamed “Alasia”. The event was attended by the Minister of Defence and the Ambassador of Oman.

The 61 metre ship weighs 948-tonnes, with the re-fit costing €3.5million, according to local media.

The vessel is expected to be used in patrols near the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus. The Cyprus Naval Command is the armed sea wing of the Cyprus National Guard.

This force does not possess any capital ships or other major warships, but is equipped with patrol boats, landing craft, surface-to-surface missile systems and integrated radar systems, as well as SEALs-type naval underwater demolitions units.

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